LIGEO™ System

Here you will find features of LIGEO™ as well as all technical facts and details for download.  

Event arena purely build from LIGEO

Plug & Play

Simply plug the light bars and hubs together and off you go! The easy and quick assembly by plugging together makes LIGEO™ extremely versatile and adaptable. This means that lighting installations can be set up, changed and dismantled quickly. The clear and simple design of the individual elements is always restrained in order to give the user of the modular lighting system all creative freedom.

Hubs and light bars

Up to eight light sticks can be plugged into one hub over 360°. Each light tube has a joint at the ends which can be swivelled up and down by 180°. The anchor points for the assembly are the hubs. Only a single screw is needed to fix a node to a wall or ceiling. In addition to the screw option, there are also nodes with a suspension device or magnetic insert. 

New power supply technology

The hubs are not only responsible for linking the light tubes, but also for the power supply. No additional wiring is required: the entire power supply is provided by the connections between the nodes and the light rods. Therefore, power only needs to be fed into the system at one point. With a 48V power supply, LIGEO™ is in the harmless low voltage range. 

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Technical Details

Lengths of the light bars

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Lighting bars with an illuminated field of 
300 mm (11.81 inches), general length 395 mm between the center of the hubs
600 mm (23.62 inches), general length 695 mm between the center of the hubs
900 mm (35.43 inches), general length 995 mm between the center of the hubs
1200 mm (47.24 inches), general length 1295 mm between the center of the hubs
1500 mm (59.05 inches), general length 1595 mm between the center of the hubs

Color of hubs and connectors / Color of aluminum profile

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Black / Black
Silver / Silver
White / Silver
Gold / Gold

Light colours/temperature

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3000K (warm-white)
4000K (neutral-white)
5300K (daylight white)
Tunable White (3000K - 5300K)
RGB W (5300K)

Certification marks & licenses

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Field of application

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Indoor areas

Performance data

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Light output 1.630 lm/m
Power consumption 48V ELV

Design and quality

Lighting design is determined by two factors: design and quality. In the lighting industry there is the decorative light that is often found in homes, bars or other prestigious areas. It looks good, it creates atmosphere and sets accents. But it often has only low quality. High-quality LED lighting is found in industry and the workplace. It creates good working conditions for the eyes, but visually it does not look good. It neither inspires nor inspires. LIGEO™ combines both and offers maximum freedom of design.

The luminaire has LED light with a high colour rendering index. With over 1,630 lumens, every meter of LIGEO™ is as bright as a 120W light bulb. For standard-compliant work light, we offer daylight white light bars (5300k). The 4000k version offers a more neutral light and is therefore universally applicable, while the warm light of the 3000k lamps, similar to bulb or halogen lamps, creates a cosy and inviting atmosphere for living rooms. Each luminaire is dimmable.


Through its reusability and adaptability LIGEO™ promotes sustainability in the use of light. It can be used again and again and adapted to other room and application situations. 

Efficient use of resources

It also proves its sustainability in terms of the materials used. At around 260 g/metre for the white luminaires and 400 g/m for RGB W, it is a real lightweight, making it possible to use resources such as aluminium in an environmentally conscious manner. In addition, the simple plug-in connections and the fact that the power is fed in at just one point mean that large quantities of copper wires can be saved. 

LED technology for even more sustainability

The highly energy-efficient LEDs reach more than 40,000 operating hours before a light stick has to be replaced. With the economical energy efficiency class A+, LIGEO™ will protect the environment and your wallet for many years to come.